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Yarra Valley Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage


  • Relaxation massage: A calming massage that focuses on relieving stress from the body and mind.

  • Therapeutic massage: A combination of rhythmic and deep tissue massage to help alleviate tight muscles while relieving stress.

  • Remedial massage: Deep tissue massage to either address injury or tight muscles.

  • Lymphatic drainage: A very gentle and light whole body treatment that
    relaxes the body and helps to stimulate the body's lymphatic system.
    Helps reduce fluid retention.

  • Bowen Therapy: A massage offering moves over muscle and soft tissue to stimulate healing.

  • Hot Stones: Therapeutic massage is coupled with heated, flat stones stimulating circulation and warming tight muscles.

  • Pregnancy Massage: Therapeutic massage for aches and pains of pregnancy.

  • Reflexology: A stimulating massage usually to points on the feet relating to organs in the body.